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  • DNA - new medicine
  • leaf - new technics
  • Matrix World Map - new IT
  • Compass Map - new value
  • New Medicine

    Today, the knowledge in medical science is extended by the molecular biological research. Under the advancement in related disciplines, the new achievement are effectively translated to clinical application.

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  • New Technics.

    The technical innovations in research and industry sectors focus on energy conservation and environmental protection. Development and application of new materials is one of the highlights in the 21st century.

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  • New IT

    Internet, big data, mobile, cloud and other new IT technologies are showing a great prospect for new developments in different sectors. They are giving an opportunity and also a challenge for traditional business models.

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  • New Value

    There are always full of risks and opportunities in the severe fluctuation of international financial markets. The new business models bring new opportunities for all companies. We discover the treasure under the earth together.

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"A person with new methods is called fantastic before his methods succeed." - Mark Twain, The Equatorial Ring Travels

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Our company is located in Europe. The headquarters in Berlin and our offices on the mainland China and in Hong Kong provide the quality service to our customers. Our partners in Australia and Canada would like to support you at any time.


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